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BBC RADIO 1 -1970's & 80's

BBC Radio 1 throughout the 1970's and 1980's broke records.  The playlist was the most important tool a record company or artist had to get into the charts.  Every Tuesday once that weeks' charts had been released, the producers at the BBC and at Top of The Pops set their meetings to discuss who would be on Playlists at either Radio 1 or 2 and record company promotion men's jobs could be lost depending on the results.   Vast amounts of money were involved on these decisions and a potential career could be destroyed in minutes.

Meet Johnnie Beerling - then Controller of Radio 1.  A post still today of immense power.  And meet Gary Davies - one of the Radio 1 daytime DJ's together with one of the producers of the daytime shows.  They can tell the stories behind many of the ploys used to try to bring an act to their attention as well as the ups and downs of being a part of an industry that made history.