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These are the people who found the talent, signed it and often found or helped choose the songs to be recorded.  Simon Fuller started in A&R at Chrysalis Records and Simon Cowell was once an A&R man for Michael Levy at Magnet Records.  As well as having an instinct and experience to see potential, career development and a close relationship with their artist is an essential to the job.  Many of the acts they signed in the 1970's and 1980's are still working and successful today.

They could be:  Muff Winwood, the legendary A&R man of CBS Records;  Chris Briggs another legend A&R man from Phonogram and Caroline Elleray, Head of A&R at Universal Music Pubishing - responsible for signing Coldplay & Keane.  They can tell their fascinating stories on artists that became household names and discuss the role of A&R in today's music industry.